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ACTnano specializes in Nano technology solutions that make products water resistant. Most electronics in the world today are vulnerable to water damage. Accidental water damage can short out and often ruin the circuitry of cell phones, laptops, e-readers, digital cameras, electronic key fobs, television remotes, coffee makers, and many other devices that are often used in the proximity of water, other liquids, and even simply humidity.


ACT has a number of nano coatings that can be applied to electronic devices in a way that makes them water-resistant to IPx7 levels. In other words, a cell phone or notebook computer will work just fine after being dropped in a bucket of water. This protection is undetectable to the human eye or touch, as it is applied on a nano scale (1 millionth of a millimeter). The coatings can be applied to devices in various stages of the manufacturing process, including after the finished product is built. Visit their website >

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Actnano Raises $12M Series A To Expand In Europe And Asia

"Actnano, a company that makes protective nanocoating for vehicles and consumer electronics, raised $12 million for its Series A, the company announced Tuesday."

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