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HiFiBiO is advancing an innovative and integrated discovery engine that creates unparalleled opportunities for discovering novel, differentiated therapeutic antibodies against complex targets. The platform combines high throughput, single cell, functional-based screening of entire B cell populations with barcoded next generation sequencing and rapid DNA synthesis to deeply mine tens of millions of B cells in a typical immune response for rare antibody drugs. The multiple, functionally validated and genetically diverse antibodies produced by HiFiBiO’s approach enable the efficient selection of optimal antibody drug leads. The company has entered into multiple antibody discovery collaborations with leading pharmaceutical companies. Visit their site >


In the News


HiFiBiO Therapeutics CEO Liang Schweizer Named one of the World’s Top Female Founders

"HiFiBiO Therapeutics, a multinational biotherapeutics company with unique expertise in immune modulation and single-cell science, today announced its President and CEO Liang Schweizer, PhD, was recognized as a top female founder by "

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HiFiBiO Therapeutics Presents Novel Approach to Patient Stratification Demonstrating DIS™ Single-Cell Platform at 2020 AACR Tumor Heterogeneity Conference

 "HiFiBiO Therapeutics is presenting a novel approach for patient stratification demonstrating its proprietary Drug Intelligent Science (DIS™) single-cell platform at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Tumor Heterogeneity Virtual Special Conference taking place today."

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