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Highlighting Artistic Legacy + Innovative Techniques: Morgan Dyer + Rose Olson at Nest.Bio Labs

Our current local artist exhibition at Nest.Bio Labs showcases the compelling works of Morgan alongside pieces by her late mentor, Rose Olson, celebrating their connection with nature and innovative painting techniques.

Morgan's Immersive Artistic Process

Morgan's unique approach involves layering pools of paint and organic materials to create vibrant fields of color that mimic natural phenomena like tidal movements and melting ice. Her outdoor series explores this technique by engaging directly with the landscape, using the earth’s natural contours to shape the raw canvas.

Rose Olson's Influence

Rose Olson’s work is characterized by her fascination with the interplay of color and natural forms. She utilized the unique patterns of wood grain to deepen the impact of her color palettes, applying multiple layers of transparent colors to enhance the luminosity of her paintings. Rose’s pieces, which shift in color perception with changes in light and viewpoint, invite viewers to experience another way of seeing the natural world. One painting at Nest.Bio Labs by Rose exhibits a rosy sheen, reminiscent of the iridescence of a dragonfly's wings.

Local Inspiration

Morgan creates most of her work in her studio in Rockport, Massachusetts, pulling inspiration from the surrounding coastal environment. Rose, a significant influence on Morgan, was a dedicated painter and professor, with studios in Beverly and Boston’s South End, continually inspired by natural elements. While installing their work at Nest.Bio Labs, Morgan recounted pieces that she and Rose worked on together, highlighting intriguing decisions Rose made about color and design.

This exhibition not only celebrates the individual talents of Morgan and Rose but also underscores the enduring impact of mentorship and their shared inspiration drawn from the natural world. The works invite viewers to explore the mentor and mentee dialogue and witness how artistic evolutions are beautifully intertwined.

Big thank you to Morgan for showing us around her studio and shop in Bearskin Neck, Rockport, Massachusetts! You can find Morgan here and learn more about Rose's work here.

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