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RootPath Genomics has developed a number of proprietary technologies in molecular engineering and computational biology that promise to bring precision medicine to immunotherapy of cancer. RootPath aims to leverage these leading technologies to characterize the immune system with unprecedented comprehensiveness, and provide valuable guidance for drug developers, physicians and patients alike.

In the News


RootPath Raises $11 Million Series A to Accelerate Clinical Translation of its Proprietary Synthetic Immunology Platform

"Launched in 2017 by Nest.Bio Ventures, RootPath has developed a suite of proprietary technologies that comprise its Synthetic Immunology Platform™ to rapidly and inexpensively recreate T cell immune repertoires and to emulate their antigen-driven selection process in vitro.  The Synthetic Immunology Platform™ centers on the rapid and ultrahigh-throughput generation and functional selection of TCRs, and forms the basis of the personalized T cell therapy that RootPath is advancing. The company had previously announced a $7 M seed round in 2018 led by Sequoia Capital China."

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