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Laronde Featured on PR Newswire, Announces Endless RNA™

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Laronde, a Flagship platform company, and Nest Bio Resident, has just revealed their auspicious plans for a therapeutics platform with prospects of providing medicinal solutions to millions of patients.

Avak Kahvejian, Ph.D., and his team at Flagship began investigating the capabilities of long non-coding RNA

(lncRNA) which is plentiful in mammalian cells and circular, allowing it to avoid setting off immune system functions while continuously generating therapeutic proteins.

Realizing the broad impact this programmable RNA would have, Flagship allocated 50 million to found Laronde. When asked about their future, Laronde estimated that since the Endless RNA has been demonstrated in vitro, the company will soon be looking to test in vivo, add around 200 people to their team, and continue to scale the company clinically and commercially.

Read the full article here...

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