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Scientist in the Spotlight: Dan Liu - Research Scientist at Fount Bio, Inc.

This week we interviewed Dan Liu who has been working on the Fount Bio team to develop a platform to improve skin health via topical application.

Dan Liu, pipetting at one of Fount Bio's lab benches in Nest.Bio Labs

What's it like working at a startup space in Cambridge? "Working in a startup at Cambridge is like a combination of lots of fun and high-paced life. On one hand, I have the opportunity to expand my horizon from research to other areas such as recruiting and managing. On the other hand, the startup life is high paced. Everything at a startup company is changing fast, so I have to adapt myself quickly into the environment, getting ready for all of the challenges that come up."

What is your favorite lab equipment to use? "My favorite lab equipment is HPLC/GPC. Almost all of my key experiments are HPLC/GPC dependent. These equipment are so powerful, allowing me to develop all of those protocols for my research."

What's the most challenging part of your field? "The most challenging part in my field is to develop the long-lasting hyaluronic acid network within the skin via topical application. This is what our team has been working hard on. We really hope that the chemistry and techniques developed by Fount Bio Inc. can improve the current application of hyaluronic acid."

What would you like to see for the future of your field of research in 20 years? "I would like to see people’s everyday lives improved by our research. I would be very glad to see how I can apply what I have gained during graduate school research to the actual everyday life."

Dan visited the White Mountains recently and took this photo of the fall foliage!

When not working at Fount Bio Inc., what do you typically like to do? "When I am not working at Fount, I like hiking a lot. There are so many famous national parks here in the Boston area. I frequently go for hiking during weekends, and I like the beautiful scenery, especially the fall colors."

Thank you to Dan for the fantastic photographs and responses! You can read more about her teams work at Fount Bio here!

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1 Comment

Ian Tamburini
Ian Tamburini
Nov 08, 2021

Super cool! Didn't realize Fount Bio was working on skin health 😀

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